ZOYSIASOD.COM grows only Meyer Zoysia, and serves most of Middle Tennessee, and Northern Alabama. One of the first persons to produce Zoysia in large quantities and high quality was Winthrop Rockefeller, who began producing it in Arkansas in 1955. Mr. Rockefeller had become interested in a turf grass selection discovered in the far east which had superior characteristics for propagation in the "transition zone" of the United States: those mid-America areas which have both freezing cold winters and hot, dry summers. Amazingly, this new turf grass to America could not be grown from seed. It had to be propagated by sprigs or plugs. It was named "MEYER Z-52 Zoysiagrass," after an agronomist who worked for the USDA, which selected it as "superior". Because of its short supply, Meyer Z-52 Zoysiagrass was very expensive during the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's and many people started calling it "Rockefeller Grass" as only the rich could afford it. By the time of his death in 1973, Mr. Rockefeller's dream of propagating this new turf grass throughout the United States in those areas where winters are too cold for most warm season grasses and summers are too hot and dry for most cool season grasses had only just begun.

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1. Meyer Zoysia reduces watering and mowing by 2/3

The extensive root system of Meyer Zoysia gives the grass enough water that you will rarely, if ever, need to water it. The genetic nature of Meyer Zoysia keeps the height of the blades lower than grass from seed, reducing mowing.

2. Meyer Zoysia stays green through extreme cold and heat

The heat and cold does not affect the grass' color, like most grasses.

3. Meyer Zoysia chokes out weeds and crabgrass

The thick coverage of established Meyer Zoysia prevents crabgrass and weeds from germinating, keeping your lawn 100% Meyer Zoysia, and nothing else.

4. Meyer Zoysia never needs re-seeding or replacing

An established lawn of Meyer Zoysia will last a lifetime, with no need for yearly seeding, saving your money and your back.

5. Meyer Zoysia eliminates the need for costly and dangerous chemicals

Because Meyer Zoysia naturally resists insects and disease, you do not need to use chemicals on the lawn, keeping the cost of maintenance low, and toxic chemicals away from where your children and pets play.

6. Meyer Zoysia is the answer for slopes, bare spots, and play areas

Because Meyer Zoysia is such a hearty, thick sod, you can use it to eliminate eroding slopes and bare spots in your lawn. And it is the ultimate sod for play areas.

7. Meyer Zoysia will grow on existing ground

Meyer Zoysia can be installed on old grass or a bare ground.